Alain Delon and Lino Ventura wearing a vintage Sherpa Ultradive in "Les Aventuriers"

Alain Delon, Anthony Delon and the Ultradive watch

The Sherpa Ultradive and the Delon family share a fascinating common history.
In the legendary French movie „Les Aventuriers“ from 1967 all three male protagonists wear Sherpa Ultradive dive watches made by the original Enicar SA company from Switzerland.

Alain Delon and his Sherpa Ultradive in the movie "Les Aventuriers"

Alain Delon, Lino Ventura and Sergio Reggiani all wore at least at one point in the movie the superbly looking Sherpa Ultradive dive watches, in many cases for diving purposes, yet also casually during other activities. This was maybe the first time that a watch was so intensely featured in a movie, even before Steve McQueen and his Heuer Monaco in „Le Mans“. How the three Ultradive models ended up in „Les Aventuriers“ unfortunately remains a mystery.

Alain Delon continued to wear the watch, as he apparently grew fond of it, and wore it on many occasions, to be seen on several photographs with his wife, family and friends. He features the watch in another movie, „Adieu l’ami“ with Charles Bronson and wears it on the set of „Swimming Pool“ next to Romy Schneider (yet not in the movie).

Only two watches were given from Alain Delon to Anthony

In the year 2012 Alain Delon had all of his watch collection auctioned off for more than  400.000 Euro. Not included was his vintage Ultradive, which was given to his son Anthony only with one other watch to stay in the family. Anthony, an actor and author himself, really loved the look of that watch and so it can be found on his wrist from time to time even today.

Anthony Delon and Martin Klocke, the founder of Sherpa Watches, met online on Instagram and connected further meeting in Paris. The reissue of the Sherpa Ultradive fascinated Mr. Delon and so now he added one to his watch collection to accompany his vintage mode. To further deepen this cooperation, both met for an interview in Cologne, together with the watch magazine „WatchPro“ from Germany.

Anthony Delon and Martin Klocke discuss Sherpa Watches Ultradive and OPS

Some teaser clips from the interview:

The interview can be found in detail here in German:

And in English:

Finally, if you are more interested, here is a deeper dive into the Alain Delon / Enicar SA Sherpa Ulradive history by Nico, who also made the connection between the new Sherpa Watches and Anthony Delon on Instagram, as he was researching the whole Delon – Ultradive history: