Mantramatic – Tibetan buddhist prayer wheels inside of a wrist watch

the micro prayer wheels inside the mantramatic movement of our Sherpa models

Mantramatic – Tibetan buddhist prayer wheels inside of a wrist watch The Mantramatic MM01 is the first movement ever with a „spiritual complication“ and is featured in all our models. According to traditional Tibetan and Sherpa Buddhist culture, it features micro prayer wheels turning mantras each second that it ticks, like the huge and small […]

Alain Delon and the Ultradive –

Alain Delon and Lino Ventura wearing a vintage Sherpa Ultradive in "Les Aventuriers"

Alain Delon, Anthony Delon and the Ultradive watch The Sherpa Ultradive and the Delon family share a fascinating common history.In the legendary French movie „Les Aventuriers“ from 1967 all three male protagonists wear Sherpa Ultradive dive watches made by the original Enicar SA company from Switzerland. Alain Delon, Lino Ventura and Sergio Reggiani all wore at least at one point in […]

Compressor system

EPSA Ervin Piquerez compressor patent drawing

The EPSA (super) compressor rediscovered and re-invented A water-resistant watch with two crowns is a (super) compressor watch, right? Not quite. In a way, this could be true for vintage watches, but in fact, not always. And for today, this is even more doubtful, as nearly all double crown & internal bezel watches just use […]

Compressor crown

The original MONOFLEX compressor crown by EPSA, Ervin Piquerez SA, original illustration from an advertisement

The MONOFLEX crown As hinted in our last blog post about the Compressor principle invented and widely used by EPSA for cases of various watch brands of the 1950s and 1960s, also the crowns used in the EPSA cases featured the compressor principle. EPSA called them MONOFLEX crowns and they were an integral part of […]